Super Mario Run Sprints To Android On March 23rd

Super Mario Run Sprints To Android On March 23rd

First released in mid-December, Nintendo's Super Mario Run became an instant hit on the iPhone and iPad as millions flocked to download the first Mario game for iOS devices.

From past couple of weeks, speculations around Super Mario Run game coming to Android smartphone in March were floating around in the rumour mill. That's also despite Nintendo initially receiving criticism for the vastly different approach it took to monetising Super Mario Run on iOS, charging a hefty $9.99 for players to unlock the full game's content after the trial content. Previously, Nintendo confirmed that Super Mario Run would arrive on the Play Store in March without giving specifics... Those who pre-registered for the game will get notified when the game releases. It quickly went on to break App Store records and earn the title of second most downloaded app of 2016 worldwide.

The answer is unfortunately the one you don't want to hear: in order to install Super Mario Run on Android you will need to wait until 2017 when you are able to download it from Google Play. The game will be released for Android devices on March 23.

This author has made Mario run, and wasn't exactly charmed with the experience.

KitGuru Says: Super Mario Run is a fun little game though due to its always online DRM, I rarely get the chance to play it while travelling. However, just 5% of them paid the $9.99 fee to unlock the complete game. If you think that might be too much for a mobile game, make sure to check Kyle Hilliard's review of the game, as well as our Test Chamber before buying. Right now, the iOS version of the game is version 1.1.2, and this will be released at a later date which has not yet been determined. The game costs $9.99 in the USA and £9.99 in the United Kingdom. So we will see if this appeases some of the more snubbed Android users.

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