Student Brings Guns Onto High School Campus

Man Engaged In 'Sexual Acts' At Twin Cities High School Police

An Immigrations and Customs Enforcement official said the agency placed a detainer on Manito following his arrest.

The county attorney's office cited the complex nature of the case in its decision to defer charges against David Manito of New Hope, and said prosecutors wanted to allow for further investigation. A detainer is a request that ICE be notified of a suspect's release so that they can question the person about suspected immigration violations.

Brooklyn Park police learned the man was undocumented while he was initially booked in jail, Deputy Chief Mark Bruley said.

Today an adult male came into Champlin Park High School with the intent of meeting a student. The two later returned to the same bathroom to have sex again.

Authorities say the suspect has a Washington driver's license, and apparently moves around the country on a regular basis.

Jim Skelly, communications director with Anoka-Hennepin Schools, said a school security guard, a parking lot security officer, a teacher and a school administrator chased Manito down and held him across the street from the school until police arrived. The suspect was on campus for about 55 minutes, according to police. School officials and the School Resource Officer investigated the report and determined the student had left school property. Brooklyn Park police continue to investigate the incident, but do not expect to provide any updates on the case until Thursday morning. Visitors are now escorted through the school and the district will review its long-term security measures with the police department.

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