Several lawmakers meet with top Trump officials about health care bill plans

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"I think the Speaker is open", MacArthur said. But their worries aren't irrational: In all likelihood, there's no bill even in theory that'll be centrist enough for Lisa Murkowski and Rob Portman on Medicaid, say, and aggressive enough in cutting spending for Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, and that's a very tight squeeze for a party with only 52 votes in the Senate.

In a story March 17 about the House Republican health care bill, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y., is a freshman from the Hudson River Valley. "We'll see what happens in the Senate". All of that comes as news to us.

Where money is involved, Republicans are doing exactly what Republicans do: catering to the wealthy, banks, Wall Street and preparing to make budget cuts that take away from those who are already mired in poverty.

President Trump's allegation that Barack Obama wiretapped his NY skyscraper during the presidential campaign has left him increasingly isolated within his own administration.

Trump has been wooing lawmakers to vote for the bill.

People hated Obamacare for its high-handedness, incompetence, and cost.

While in MI on Wednesday to promote his administration's reconsideration of fuel efficiency standards, Trump didn't mention health care once.

Paul added that the House GOP plan doesn't "fix the fundamental problem of Obamacare", which he said are the mandates on insurance companies.

"We've talked to so many folks in the House of Representatives to try to see what their discomfort level is, if they have any, with this piece of legislation", he said. It gives the states Medicaid flexibility and some of the states will take over their health care.

Trump fared better on the economy and terrorism, while doing just slightly worse on "America's relationship with Russian Federation", where only said they 33 percent approved.

"None of us ran on this plan". There's a reason not one Western democracy with some system of national health care has ever abolished it.

There could be some face-saving going on here.

Ryan said, "I'm very impressed with how the president is helping us close this bill, and making the improvements that we've been making, getting the votes, so we feel very good where we are".

Conservatives seemed unlikely to achieve their demands that the GOP bill's phase-out of Obama's Medicaid expansion - now 2020 - be accelerated to next year and that the credit be denied people with little or no tax liability. Now it goes to the Rules Committee, where Speaker Paul Ryan will try to put together a "manager's amendment" to fix the bill in ways that will get him over the threshold of 218 votes.

Indeed, a new Morning Consult poll finds that 46 percent of Americans support the new GOP health bill, which is roughly the popularity of the ACA.

"We believe we should have even more assistance, and that's one of the things we're looking at for that person in the 50s and 60s because they experience higher health-care costs", he said. If you're a member of the conservative wing of the party, it's probably politically beneficial to oppose Ryan, a.k.a. the epitome of the establishment, by opposing this bill.

It's quite possible that a heavy hand on Trump's part could save this bill.

So, what would be really great is if this healthcare bill became a source of contention between Trump, Ryan, and if we're really lucky McConnell.

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