Samsung Unleashes Bixby Virtual Assistant To Rival Apple's Siri And Microsoft's Cortana

GETTY- CURVED LABSThe Samsung Galaxy S8 could come packing this surprise new feature

One of the more common rumors running alongside the reports focused on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is the inclusion of a new digital personal assistant called Bixby. For example, instead of turning on and unlocking the phone, looking for the phone application, clicking on the contact bar to search for a person and making a call, Samsung said all of this will be possible with a push of the Bixby button and a simple command.

Apple gave us Siri, Microsoft gave us Cortana, Amazon gave us Alexa, Google gave us, um, Google, and now Samsung has officially introduced its new AI-powered assistant to the world. "This makes the interface much more natural and easier to use", Rhee added.

According to Samsung, the company has created Bixby in an effort to overcome the current fundamental limitations of the human-to-machine interface used by smartphone owners each and every day.

Samsung revealed Monday that Bixby, an intelligent voice assistant, will run on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone slated to be announced March 29 in NY. Based on technology Samsung acquired past year from Viv Labs, Bixby will also include common features from its competitors, such as letting users interact with apps or make phones calls by talking to their phone. It'll support a small subset of pre-installed apps at launch, for instance, with a third-party SDK planned for eventual release to let developers take on the brunt of the task of getting apps Bixby-enabled. Rather than force users to say commands using a precise syntax, Bixby will be able to interpret incomplete sentences and consider its existing knowledge to determine the meaning.

As you can probably surmise, Samsung is betting big on Bixby and its potential to countenance the proliferation of Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa. Then, if needed, it will ask the user to provide more information so it can finish its work. It will offer a deeper experience than its competitors because of its "proficiency" in three properties: completeness, context awareness, and cognitive tolerance. Given Bixby is cloud-based, Rhee said that all Samsung devices need is a simply circuit for picking up voice inputs, so we could expect a Samsung smart fridge with its very own Bixby.

The future vision for Bixby is broad; Samsung intends to bring the assistant to "all our appliances".

As anticipated, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will feature Bixby.

The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, due on March 29, will include some Bixby features from the off, while the service is set to grow over time.

Today, the mobile giant confirmed that the handset is set to ship with a homegrown artificial intelligence called Bixby, which has been the subject of intense speculation since company executives revealed their plans to launch a voice assistant a year ago.

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