Pokemon on Nintendo Switch? Game Freak job ads suggest it could happen

The listings don't mention the Pokemon brand or the Nintendo Switch specifically, but reading between the lines of the descriptions is enough to give any long-time series fan some serious chills.

"He also started directing main series Pokemon games starting with fire red and leaf green".

The job listing (translated by Siliconera) says it's looking to hire temporary works for a "globally popular RPG" with the target platform being "console". They found that the first advert is seeking a 3D CG Designer, all in Japanese of course, and the second position is seeking a Character Modeler. Game Freak wants someone who is experienced in making characters for Wii U and PS Vita, as well as folks experienced in making 'exaggerated toon style people, monsters, and item models.

The Nintendo Switch is both a home and portable console - and what is Nintendo's most famous portable title?

We've been hearing rumors of a Pokemon Sun and Moon Switch port (codenamed Pokemon Stars) for months now, but nothing official has been announced.

A new Pokémon game may be in development for the Switch if this job listing is anything to go by.

Despite being famously known for Pokemon games, Game Freak has other titles under their belt as well so the project could be entirely separate from Pokemon and could be another one of their games.

It sounds like this game is very early in production.

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