Nintendo: Switch Joy-Con Issues Are No Biggie

Nintendo: Switch Joy-Con Issues Are No Biggie

Meanwhile, the immensely successful original Wii sold 17 million units in the first full year after its holiday launch.

Earlier this month, SuperData Research projected that Nintendo will be able to sell five million units of the console by the end of 2017, despite a "slow and steady" release. Retailers still can't keep the device in stock-Target restricts sales to its physical stores, Amazon offers the console only from third-party sellers, and Walmart's online store doesn't have the Switch, either. Hungry for Nintendo Switch footage?

My advice then to those that have had problems with the left Joy-Con on the Switch is to contact Nintendo directly about any issues you may have. Those who want to test the new "Splatoon 2" beta will need to go to the Nintendo eShop and download the 480MB beta client.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is rising up the production from initial 8 million to around 16 million now. "We are meeting this demand by securing additional systems as fast as we can".

While not all owners are experiencing the reported problem with their left controller, Nintendo Switch owners who are doing so are finding it hard to play games properly on the hybrid console while in tabletop mode. At that point, you'd be better off investing in a tent to pick up one in your local store.

Express mentioned GameStop have confirmed that they will be getting a new shipment of Nintendo Switch Stock by March 22.

It's not all bad news though, as the game is listed for $10 cheaper on JB Hi-Fi for Switch gamers.

What Is Causing The Left Joy-Con Connection Issue?

Nintendo added that it is continuously updating the customer support website for the Nintendo Switch and that it remains committed in answering questions coming from owners of the hybrid console. As more games make it to the Nintendo Switch, we're expecting demand for the unit to shoot up even further-looks like Nintendo has really propelled itself back into the competition again.

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