NASA Glenn education programs at risk under Trump's proposed budget plans

3D image of Mars Earth and the sun created with images provided by NASA

Jan Wittry, NASA Glenn's news chief, said she could not comment on the proposed cuts.

As per the President Donald Trump budget proposal for fiscal 2018, NASA's land on Jupiter's icy moon Europa and few Earth science missions will not go forward. These projects include weather forecasts, warning announcements in hazardous weather situations and observation of long-term climate shifts on Earth.

In a prepared statement reacting to the 2018 budget plans released by Donald Trump, NASA acting administrator Robert Lightfoot released a prepared statement acknowledging that the agency's budget remains similar to what it has been in recent years and ample enough to ensure it achieves its most important goals.

NASA wants to investigate the habitability of Jupiter's moon Europa and sending probes to this icy world may reveal if it can indeed support life. Climate causes the loss of lives, businesses, and homes around the globe, and the tools that NASA has built continue to help prevent many of those unfortunate events.

But one of JPL's signature programs, the Mars 2020 mission to send a sample-collecting rover to the Red Planet, survived.

The news report has stated that the budget cancels the multi-billion-dollar Asteroid-dollar Asteroid Redirect Mission. Historically, investments in space have yielded scientific and technological breakthroughs and elevated America's worldwide prestige.

The agency will continue to work on solar electric propulsion technology, a cornerstone of the ARM initiative, he noted.

"The Office of Education has experienced significant challenges in implementing a NASA-wide education strategy and is performing functions that are duplicative of other parts of the agency", OMB officials wrote. That bill - the first major revision of the space agency's funding and mission passed by both the House and Senate in almost 7 years - endeavors to give NASA some $19.508 billion.

The orientation of the funding project presented by The White House is to reduce the budget for Earth Science programs conducted by NASA.

NASA's Office of Education did not respond to Gizmodo's repeated request for comment, so it's unclear how the Science Mission Directorate-which is primarily focused on understanding the birth and evolution of the universe-will be able to absorb all of the education department's responsibilities.

Trump's budget does cut dozens of federal climate programs, but the deep cuts many feared would hit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) didn't materialize.

Overall, however, many NASA exploration programs will fare pretty well under Trump if the administration has its way.

The proposal does not mention any plans to send humans back to the moon, a direction in which some Trump advisors had shown interest. Former President Barack Obama proposed in 2016 that NASA should receive only $19 billion.

However, the budget request does place an emphasis on NASA working with the commercial space industry, mentioning that the proposal "supports and expands public-private partnerships as the foundation of future USA civilian space efforts".

NASA offers summer camps, webinars, internships and many other educational programs for students and teachers online, at Glenn's campuses and at local schools, including Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College. The Environmental Protection Agency stands to lose more than 30 percent of its budget, and the National Institutes of Health could shrink by $6 billion.

ARPA-E is a government agency tasked with promoting and funding research and development of advanced energy technologies, and its closing is perhaps the biggest surprise brought by the proposal. Next up, Congress gets to take a crack at it as that august body is charged with actually signing off on the final budget for 2018, which should happen sometime later this year.

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