Man Exonerated For LA Murder Walks Free After 32 Years

Andrew Leander Wilson 62 became a free man on Thursday

"So I'll just turn myself in, '" said Davis.

A California man who was wrongfully convicted of murder has been released from prison after 32 years. Thursday, Wilson walked out of prison after spending more than half his life behind bars. "Loyola Law School gave me reason to think that it was going to happen", said Wilson.

"I'm glad I didn't give up". "We've been working on it all these years", she said. It's surprising but Andrew Wilson is not angry or offended. Wilson attended the now-shuttered Beaumont High School in St. Louis.

In 2005, before they were married, Justin Campbell was charged with domestic abuse for allegedly attacking Cristy Campbell, then known as Cristy Brueggemann, by slapping her in the head when she was pregnant.

"He (Wilson) learned from persons on the street that the police were looking for him".

Attorneys for Wilson say the prosecution withheld key pieces of evidence concerning Bishop, the main witness. "He was not informed of his rights, just taken in", Davis penned in a letter outlining her account of her son's case and different people involved.

Davis said Wilson will be back in the St. Louis area at some point, but she's not sure when. The private investigator she hired didn't seem to help, she said, and efforts to get media to investigate the case were disregarded, she said.

Police arrested Wilson in 1984 for the stabbing of a 21-year-old man, though he maintained his innocence since his arrest. That office suggested she reach out the Post Conviction Assistance Center. In the court filing from the District Attorney's Office, Jerez wrote that the District Attorney's Office does not believe Wilson is factually innocent.

"The Justice System Integrity Division will not initiate a criminal investigation regarding your allegations". They are not expected to take any further action against him. Now Wison is 62, he has been recently freed and pronounced innocent. When he was released, he was reunited with his daughter, Catrina Burks, who was 10 when her father went to jai, but is now a 43-year-old mother of six living in Muskegon, Mich. He nodded. "You're discharged", she told him. He's missed 32 years of Christmas dinners, graduations, even the birth of his granddaughter, but he says he is not bitter.

Wilson's mother who is 96 years old had long fought for her son's release from her home in Missouri.

A man found dead inside a burned home in southern IL had been shot in the head, and a gun was found in his ex-wife's SUV after she drove into a nearby lake and died shortly after the fire was reported, authorities said Friday.

"So he went and talked to Andrew".

"He definitely saved the child's life", Wilson said.

Wilson has been in prison all those years. "But it was a surprise", said Davis.

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