Kenney eager to start negotiations regarding PC-Wildrose union

Kenney eager to start negotiations regarding PC-Wildrose union

At the culmination of the party's leadership convention in Calgary, yesterday afternoon delegates elected Jason Kenney, 48, the social conservative former Stephen Harper lieutenant who has pledged to dismantle the party and merge it with the Wildrose Opposition in a double reverse hostile takeover modelled on the Reform/Alliance party's capture and destruction of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in 2003.

Lukaszuk added he believes most Albertans are somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum between the NDP and "Jason Kenny with his new Conservative party of Alberta".

Jean argues it's quicker, less disruptive and avoids his party having to get rid of all of its assets and cash which, according to Alberta elections rules, can not be transferred between parties.

Starke presented himself as the steady hand needed to move forward, referencing his loyalty to the party throughout its historical reign and stunning defeat in 2015, which brought an end to the forty-two-year PC dynasty.

But Kenney may not get to shepherd the merged conservative party, as Brian Jean, the head of the now bigger Wildrose, has said he would vie for the new leadership.

"The biggest gift that we can give the NDP is to spend the time we have remaining before the next election. mired in a struggle on the right, spending more time drafting documents with lawyers than collectively drafting documents and policy to improve the lives of Albertans", said Nelson. Oh, wait, they've already happened, led by one of the sad sack collection of candidates campaigning contemporaneously to lead the federal division of the combined Wildrose-Conservative Party.

Delegates booed Starke during his speech earlier Saturday when he warned that a merger with the Wildrose could tar the PCs with the label of intolerance toward women and minorities.

"And I said, do you recognize half of the people here on the convention floor and his answer was exactly the same as mine was, no".

"We go straight into negotiations. They want some hope, they want us to fix a broken political system and I believe Progressive Conservatives are going to decide in favour of unity and our future this weekend", he said after rolling up to the Telus Convention Centre to a very well organized crowd of supporters, in none other than his iconic blue "Unity Truck".

The NDP immediately reached out to progressive voters on Twitter after Kenney's win. "Welcome", the party said. There is no provision in the PC constitution to dissolve itself and the leader is just one vote on the party's board of directors.

For Kenney, unity is a road map with no road.

The PCs and Wildrose, should they join forces, would have just two years to create constituency associations and field candidates in time for the next election, set for the spring of 2019.

Kenney hopes to have a new unified party in place by the end of the year.

We'll take Door No. 3.

Elections Alberta says provincial parties are not legally allowed to merge, so Kenney is advocating a new party through a deal ratified by each party's membership.

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