Kendall Jenner Reportedly Wants To Sell Her House Following Robbery

Kendall Jenner Chanel runway show

According to TMZ, Jenner's home has surveillance cameras and police are hopeful that the footage will be helpful in the investigation.

Second, apparently somebody who wasn't invited (AKA not one of her friends there) got into the house to commit the robbery - meaning, perhaps a "friend" set Kendall up?!

They claimed an alarm warning had gone off when someone opened a door during the party, but Kendall thought nothing of it.

After the 21-year-old brunette beauty found out that her jewelry were missing from her bedroom, she immediately called the police on early Thursday to report the incident. According to Us Weekly, Jenner has reportedly fired one of her security guards in response to the reported incident, which allegedly happened while she had guests in her home.

Since the robbery, multiple sources have come forward to claim that the robbery was an "inside job", and that the Victoria's Secret angel believes that the culprit was a friend, or somebody familiar with the house.

It is not known if she has opted to stay at the hotel while police continue to investigate. The star was home at the time, and discovered the heist had taken place after she heard suspicious noises and chose to call the police.

"Kendall's really upset about it".

Supermodel Kendall Jenner has been spotted for the first time since the robbery incident at her Hollywood Hills residence.

Kim said: 'We have to have a security guard outside all of our homes 24-7'.

As per reports, Jenner had a party on the day of the theft.

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