John Oliver calls Duke alum/Trump adviser Stephen Miller ... a vampire?

John Oliver On How Trump's Budget Proposal Could Be

But the White House's budget proposal can act as a kind of "presidential mood board" that offers us a look at the administration's priorities, so on Sunday night's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took a moment to gauge the latest presidential mood. It seems a bit unusual considering a lot of the proposed cuts will negatively impact large numbers of citizens who voted for Trump.

Oliver concluded by using Trump's own words against him via his 1987 bestseller The Art of the Deal: "You can't con people, at least not for long".

The proposed federal budget from Trump includes a $54 billion increase in military and defense spending while cutting the budget of departments like the EPA, Meals on Wheels, the Department of Agriculture and countless other departments. "But if you don't deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on". "To be honest", Oliver said, "I can't be certain, because I don't speak fluent toddler psychopath". A Regretitor if you will: "half-man, half-regretful beast, cursed to roam the planet until one day you're finally released from your prison by the inevitable firing you'll receive in, oh let's say, two-and-a-half weeks, shall we?" These plans have already been met with plenty of opposition, but John Oliver and his staff wanted to break down what made it so unpopular.

The Federal Budget is a fairly complicated monster, and it will inevitably change drastically before a final version of it is ultimately passed in the Senate.

"It's the budgetary equivalent of inviting Mitt Romney out to dinner at Jean-Georges before not offering him a cabinet position", he said. I'm still a little puzzled that Oliver's still a functioning human being on television.

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