Hillary Clinton Is Ready To 'Come Out Of The Woods'

Hillary Clinton Is Ready To 'Come Out Of The Woods'

Despite her loss, Clinton reminded the audience not to let politics divide family and friends.

Seen as a commentary on Trump's first few months in office, including his relationship with Russian Federation, his unnerving take on health care ('nobody knew that health care could be so complicated") and issues with other world leaders including Angela Merkel, Hillary announced that she is coming back to help "Americans find common ground'. She is now working on a book of essays, which will include her loss to Donald Trump, and will make the commencement address at her alma mater, Wellesley College, Mass. on May 26.

A Quinnipiac University poll from January found that Clinton would beat current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) if she ran as an independent.

Clinton made reference to her time in "the woods" on a number of occasions throughout her speech, apparently alluding to images captured of the election candidate hiking in the woods the day after her defeat.

The former First Lady went on to urge the "divided country" to work together to solve problems, recalling how, as first lady, she met with female leaders working to bring peace to Northern Ireland. But now, according to the woman herself, she's moving back into the public eye: Clinton is ready to "come out of the woods," hinting at a return to public life for the 70-year-old former Secretary of State. "We're told she was talking to people in her close circle to gauge the level of interest and support in a Clinton candidacy..."

Clinton suggested that change likely won't come from Washington.

The event was hosted by the Society of Irish Women, and included almost 700 attendees.

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