California waiter 'fired' after asking customer for proof of residency

Huntington Beach restaurant waiter fired for asking diners for proof of residency

Written from Huntington Beach, California, the Facebook post was published by Diana Carrillo, who wrote that she was with Brenda Carrillo and Ely Santillan at Saint Marc Pub-Cafe, Bakery & Cheese Affinage when the male waiter asked her sister and her friend for their "proof of residency" as they ordered drinks. "I need to make sure you're from here", he said.

Today, that waiter has lost his job, proving that even in the neo-Nazi capital of Orange County, there is hope for justice to prevail. "I couldn't believe he actually asked me for my proof of residency instead of valid proof of ID or date of birth", Carrillo said. My friend in disbelief repeated what he said and his response was "yeah, I need to make sure you are from here before I serve you".

The manager told them they could sit in a separate section and offered them his business card, but they refused and left the establishment.

However the sisters were disappointed that the restaurant removed the apologies - an action that they apparently took because the matter had been resolved. "She always told us, 'I can handle discrimination, '" Carrillo said. "I know it's part of my life", Carrillo said. "It sends a chill through your entire body", says Diana of the incident. Until they realized they weren't.

She said: 'I feel that's the direction we're headed in, given who's the president'.

"I'm more afraid for others in my community, people who are immigrants".

Ken Bearden, the senior director of operations at Saint Marc, told the Washington Post the waiter had never asked such a question to anyone before and "had never received so much as a write-up". However, to reprimand the loss, the management got in touch Diana offering her a free meal and to donate 10 percent of the weekend's sales to a charity of her choice.

Carrillo chose the Orange County Immigrant Youth United as the recipient of the restaurant's donations. "Sincerely and apologetically, the Saint Marc team". We're very specific about how we treat out guests.

"We all deserve a seat at the table".

"At this point its more about bringing light to the issue".

'For it to happen to us, it was kind of an eye-opener, ' said Brenda Carrillo. Unfortunately it did happen and it happened to me and three other people.

The original Facebook post about the incident has been shared more than 1,000 times and gained hundreds of comments.

One wrote: 'Racism is a menu item I can't stomach'.

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