Cable In Deadpool 2: Intimidating, Scary & Big

Cable In Deadpool 2: Intimidating, Scary & Big

Casting for Deadpool 2 is well underway, and with Atlanta star Zazie Beetz recently signing on to play Domino, one of two major roles has now been filled.

If you're looking for an indication as to what they're looking for, Wernick and Reese said they've been on the hunt for an actor who makes a good counterpart to Deadpool by being "someone with a great deadpan thing where they can react to someone who's being insane".

Deadpool 2 will introduce Cable, the time-travelling son of X-Men's Cyclops.

"An announcement will be coming very soon". Physically imposing and able to emote.

What to expect for Deadpool 2? "We also need nice to complete Deadpool ".

It's an important decision, but the names in the running are brimming with talent and capable of carrying the X-Force franchise.

As with many sequels when you have a hit and the cast become bigger stars, getting them back for a second time may well be a costly exercise and in Zombieland's case it seems to have been an issue as well as having a cast who's schedule's are much busier than back in 2009 - Eisenberg could still have at least one more outing as Lex Luthor, Harrelson is filming Han Solo, Wernick and Reese are busy with Deadpool 2 and Stone is now an Oscar victor so will soon be possibly the busiest she has ever been. We're so very excited to move forward with Dave Leitch on the second one. The half-man, half-cyborg - due to make his live-action debut in Deadpool 2 - is set to become part of the fabric of the highly promising adult branch of Fox's X-Men properties, with the chosen actor facing the huge responsibility of leading the X-Force. "I think we'll definitely play into that", Rheet Reese shared. Brianna Hildebrand will be back as the angsty, teenage superhero, but there's a whole roster of mutants, whether they're from New Mutants comics (where Deadpool made his debut) or X-Force comics, who could easily pop up in the sequel.

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