AutoMatters & More: 'Beauty and the Beast'

The new adaptation of The Beauty and the Beast, set to air Friday, March 17 is already predicted to break numerous traditional Disney stereotypes.

CP: As a singer yourself, is there a Disney tune that has always stuck in your head that you belt out in the shower? When Belle comes face-to-face with the beast, she doesn't run, but instead takes her father's place in the castle, and the beast sets him free.

Lately Disney seems to be pumping out live action remakes of their classics over the last few years. They have added more character development for the original characters as well as new characters that do not deteriorate the story. Overall, Beauty and the Beast is going to be loved by both young and old, and I think the diehard fans of the original will be jumping out of their seats.

Though Belle thankfully isn't blessed with the movie's better songs anyway, it's still incredibly grating to the ears to hear her vocal tone flatten out robotically on certain notes that she clearly couldn't hit during recording.

In 1991, the originalBeauty and the Beastbecame the first animated film ever to be nominated for Best Picture, and remained the only one until 2010 whenUpwas nominated.

I was just playing opposite Stanley and that was it, just playing the characters.

After returning to the village and asking Gaston for help, Belle's father, Maurice, nearly immediately goes out on his own in search of the Beast's castle to save his daughter. One day I want to be like them.

The controversy arose when director Bill Condon said that the character of LeFou, played by Josh Gad, would have a "nice exclusively gay moment" in the film.

I just wasn't expecting a family movie that already inappropriately flirts with bestiality (beast-iality?) to lean into it in such an obvious way, but hey, why not call a spade a spade?

Emma Watson leads the star-studded cast as heroine Belle, who falls in love with the Beast, played by Dan Stevens.

"Beauty And The Beast" is rated PG and it's comforting to know that a classic story remains intact. Because you've seen the movie - it's such a teeny thing, and it's been overblown.

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