Adele tells off security guard at Melbourne concert

Matt Wilson

She has the ability to communicate those small details directly to her fans at the shows.

Showing how much of a fan of the legendary soap she is, Adele quoted the show's theme tune in her photo caption.

Twitter user @Katelawrence95 wrote: 'The Adele-hiding-in-a-box strategy has 100% backfired, especially when hundreds of people stood up and applauded at the box'.

She said: "Shall I tell you my filthy joke despite all the children here?"

If you've ever witnessed Adele in concert you are familiar with the amount of different emotions that fill the room.

Adele concerts are apparently the places to get engaged.

"Adele's Melbourne show is already off to a kick-arse start with a super sweet same-sex marriage proposal", Lucy Thomas tweeted.

After seeing 40-year-old Chris crying in the crowd, Adele brought him on stage between songs, along with his 37-year-old partner Wade.

As the crowd erupted into cheers, Adele revealed her surprise at what just transpired.

Adele has stopped her final Australian concert mid-show to chastise a security guard. "I know you work here but can you please stop telling people to sit down?"

Then, she laughed off an incident where she nearly tripped off stage thanks to the length of her dress. "I actually had no idea that was going to happen".

Adding her congratulations, she continued: 'We're only three songs in, that's the show over with!

"Thank you for coming to the show, I hope you enjoy it", she said.

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