Woman's Dramatic Escape Out Of A Massive Mudslide In Peru

Loading The girl from Peru was lucky not to be swept away in the mudslide

Rains flooded a cemetery in the city of Trujillo with the waters carrying bones through the streets.

The El Nino phenomenon occurs at irregular intervals, every two to seven years.

Severe flooding in Peru caused by unusual rainfall has left many people homeless and claimed several lives.

At least 40 people have been killed in torrential rains and floodwaters sweeping across Peru, reports said on Thursday. Over 12,000 homes have been lost, with more than 60,000 Peruvians displaced.

In Lima, schools will be closed until March 20, and water supply is limited in 27 districts.

The woman tries to get her footing on the debris caught in the mudslide. A mud-covered small animal can be seen struggling in the mud on the lower-right corner of the video before getting swept into the mudslide.

Mrs Chamorro Diaz was taken to hospital, where she is being treated for injuries but is in a stable condition, according to Peruvian media.

It was nearly impossible to see Evangelina Chamorro Díaz emerging from the avalanche of mud and debris just outside Lima, Peru. Upon reaching the land she collapsed, men at the location quickly helped her to an ambulance.

Prime Minister Fernando Zavala said an emergency has been declared across half the country in a bid to hasten the delivery of aid to affected areas, Reuters reported.

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