Update on Oroville spillway flows

Bill Croyle, acting director of the Department of Water Resources isn't waiting.

The Oroville Spillway has been active since Friday at 11 a.m. and the elevation of Lake Oroville has slowly decreased. Earlier this month, the DWR said it plans to send water down the spillway by the end of this week. The flow through the low-flow section of Oroville, which runs through town, is at 43,000 cfs. Lake Oroville is now at 861.5 feet elevation. "Restarting the Hyatt Powerplant is another positive step in managing outflows from the lake".

When water releases eroded a gaping hole in the spillway last month, the dams emergency spillway was opened for the first time ever on February 12.

Officials do not expect the upcoming rain to interfere with operations.

Outflows and river levels are expected to remain steady for approximately one week before being reduced again.

Despite needing tens of millions of dollars in fix, the Oroville Spillway is being called back into action after snowmelt and predicted rains have water officials keeping a wary eye on lake levels.

The public is advised to avoid the river for the next week due to the swift river conditions.

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