Super Mario Run for Android will be released on March 23

Super Mario Run logo

The "Super Mario Run" game has been advertised on the Google Play Store for a subscription since January of this year.

To kick things off, courtesy of the game's Japanese Twitter account, we have confirmation that the update will include four new Yoshi colors to compliment the green version already in the game - red, yellow, purple and blue.

Super Mario Run recently reached a major milestone, with over 50 million downloads recorded following its December 15 release on Apple devices.

Android version of #SuperMarioRun will be available on 3/23 with the Ver.2.0.0 update! Additional characters to run with along with more playable levels for the free version are the ones Nintendo have highlighted. As the Polygon cited, if the players complete one of the Bowser's challenges in the free version, they will unlock the World 1-4.

This is published unedited from the IANS feed. It's expected the same pricing will be on Android.

The Super Mario Run was made available for iOS in 151 countries, and we're expecting the same to happen with Android as well. The issue has been a piracy concern, which has been biggest the issue preventing the game from being released for Android sooner than March 23. It's not the price point itself that's the problem-the fact that anyone was ever mad that they had to pay for a video game is still laughable.

It's about time. Android users will be able to get their hands on Nintendo's debut mobile title Super Mario Run from March 23 - but for those who are super eager, there's also the ability to pre-register right now.

If you want to unlock the rest of the game, you'll need to shell out for the in-app purchases, with Nintendo promising version 2.0 of Super Mario Run will drop alongside the Android game.

In Super Mario Run, you're tasked with running through levels and collecting special coins while also avoiding enemies. Oh and before you revel in some nostalgia, the game will require a constant internet connection too.

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