Small Plane Crashes in Mall Parking Lot After Mid-Air Collision

Two planes collided above the Promenade Saint Bruno shopping mall Friday

In a recording of conversations between the control tower and the aircraft, controller can be heard telling the pilot to maintain an altitude of 1,600 feet as he approached the runway.

No response was given when the two aircraft collided above the junction of Route 116 and Highway 30.

One of the planes crashing into the parking lot, while another crashed onto the roof of the mall.

One of the pilots was killed and the other was seriously injured, said police spokesperson Nancy Colagiacomo.

The injured pilot was taken to the hospital, and is expected to survive. He started yelling for the people underneath the collision to watch out.

Martinez said he ran to the plane and saw a man inside, whose body was crushed. "There's no words for this".

From the ground, witnesses described seeing one plane shear the wing off the other. A report into the crash recommended the busy airspace around Pearson be redesigned so that small planes have more room to avoid each other.

A security perimeter has been set up near the shopping center.

Investigators from the Transportation Safety Board arrived on the scene Friday evening.

A Cessna plane (file shot).

Police were talking to witnesses about the incident and had reportedly cordoned off the area. The website for the flight school was unavailable.

"We are concentrating our efforts to support our employees and students who are part of the Cargair family", the company said in a statement.

He was outside smoking a cigarette when he saw the plane crash.

Cargair, the school that was training two pilots who crashed mid-air over a South Shore mall Friday, does not think mechanical problems, the weather or language barriers were factors in the accident.

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