Samsung Galaxy S8 Featuring Facial Recognition Tech

A customer tries out an Apple Watch Nike+ at an Apple Store in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan

Samsung is widely believed to be revealing the phone to the public on March 28 at a special Unpacked event in NY. It seems like rumors and leaks about the device would keep flowing in until the official unveiling, and maybe even after that. According to reports, US carrier Sprint is also rolling out an Android Security Update to the Galaxy S5 on its network.

The presence of the virtual assistant in the Galaxy S8 was confirmed in a local privacy page of Samsung Italy. In early February, however, Sony announced a new 21.12 megapixel image sensor that it claims can shoot Full HD 1080p videos at an astounding 1,000 fps. Sony's trick is to allow users to record normal video and then tap an on-screen button to capture slow-mo at the exact moment. As BGR points out, the S8's single-core score is noticeably behind Apple's iPhone.

This would put the Galaxy S8's maximum frame rate at 960fps, providing slow motion at 32 times slower than standard 30fps video. But it may end up consuming a lot of storage space.

Let us know if you're planning to purchase the all new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Samsung is expected to keep the rear camera at 12MP. The feature will help the phone stand out in the crowded Android smartphone space.

Citing sources familiar with the situation, Bloomberg reports that the Samsung Galaxy S8 device will enable facial recognition payments within months of going on sale.

Facial recognition software and support for Samsung pay: a couple of weeks ago, Samsung got itself in partnership with major banks for India and mobile payment service, Paytm for the launch of its mobile payment service, Samsung pay. Samsung accomplished this by adding dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) on the image sensor itself, which boosts the image transmission rate of the lens.

As far as the security issue is taking on greater importance among customers, Samsung has been working to bolster its facial detection rate over the years. Word has it that the Galaxy S8 may come with 6GB of RAM in China compared with 4GB for the rest of the world, according to IHS research director Kevin Wang.

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