Paul Ryan: AHCA has to do more for older Americans

Paul Ryan: AHCA has to do more for older Americans

And, though Trump is backing Ryan - the president would like a big "accomplishment" to go down during his first 100 days in office - Republicans know well that Trump is no conservative ideologue. Conservatives have been pushing to block grant Medicaid funds to the states.

Older people who buy coverage would pay higher premiums.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), who represents a suburban Philadelphia district that has been heavily targeted by Democrats, said in a Facebook post that he was most concerned that the legislation would roll back efforts to prevent and treat opioid abuse.

"So, when he talk about his bill, imagine a bill that takes 24 million people out of health insurance, gives the biggest transfer of wealth in our country's history, United States dollars 600 billion taken from working-class families in our country, middle-class and those who aspire to it, to the top one per cent. USD 600 billion, Robin Hood in reverse", Pelosi said. Ryan has received criticism from Trump's opponents after he endorsed the president despite Ryan's condemnation of some of Trump's policies.

"That is among the things we're looking at doing, yes", Ryan replied cagily. "The end result is when you have phase one, phase two, phase three - it's going to be great".

Ryan however, apparently, believes that Trump has what it takes to clinch the necessary votes, describing the president as "a great closer", and praising him for negotiating changes to the health care plan.

At the FreedomWorks rally, Mr. Cruz said the House plan has some problems but he is optimistic because conservatives have a seat at the table and are fighting for "real repeal that lowers premiums" and "that gives you control over your health care".

If and when this bill gets to the U.S. Senate, senators should reflect on whether Obamacare is better than what has been offered as a replacement and better than the GOP plan even if it is improved.

Trump laced into Obamacare at the meeting. There is no good news about Obamacare.

"If it needs more beefing up. for folks who are low income, between 50 and 64 years of age, that's something that we've talked about, something that we've entertained, and that may happen throughout the process", he said.

"We can work with them to do that, but what they have put forth is a awful bill, 24 million people kicked off of health insurance, which the speaker calls an act of mercy", Pelosi told CBSs" "Face the Nation' in an interview.

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