Mark Hamill Shares First Photo Of Luke Skywalker On Set

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Until then, star Mark Hamill made a decision to dial things straight back to Luke's humble beginnings, and specifically the actor's first day on set for the filming of 1977's Star Wars: A New Hope.

With just a few weeks until the latest Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando, anticipation is mounting as people involved with George Lucas' original film begin contributing to the festivities. In short, we're in the business of reading too much into Mark Hamill's Twitter account. I sincerely hope that fans get to see a Yoda-like Skywalker making Rey do push-ups, with the older Jedi sitting cross-legged on her back.

He'll play that famous role once more when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits cinemas on December 15. The shot of Hamill as Luke was taken in the Tunisian desert that served as the set for Luke's home planet of Tatooine. He winces from the sun to the camera as his crossed hands rest on his heart.

As the Nerdist notes, the photo was snapped March 22, 1976 and featured actors in Jawa costumes in the background.

Since then, Luke Skywalker has remained a household name which still shows up absolutely everywhere, and will continue to do just that in at the end of this year. Sure, there was a pretty large gap in there, in which he didn't perform on-camera as the Jedi, but the role of Luke doesn't simply go away.

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