Kendall Jenner Fires Security Guard After Alleged Burglary

Kendall Jenner's Home Robbery Is Believed to Be an Inside Job

You'll recall, Kim's longtime bodyguard, Pascal, was given his walking papers after the Paris robbery, because he left the apartment with Kourtney and Kendall shortly before the invasion.

In the early hours of Thursday morning this week, the 21-year-old entered the bedroom of her Hollywood Hills home to find items missing, the phoned police upon hearing noises, fearing an intruder may have been present.

The model reportedly doesn't feel safe in her own home anymore.


A spokesperson for the LAPD told The News that no one was home at the time of the crime and it was unclear how the suspect made it inside. It appears someone took the opportunity of being left unsupervised in Kendall's place to rob her blind. Kendall reportedly had people over to her house for a party on March 15.

Last week, Kendall called the police when she realized that jewelry had been stolen from her room while she was hosting a party.

Second, apparently somebody who wasn't invited (AKA not one of her friends there) got into the house to commit the robbery - meaning, perhaps a "friend" set Kendall up?!

Now although cops are investigating, she has fired her security guard, just like Kim did after she was robbed in Paris. Kim is expected to recount what happened on the March 19 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

"She does not think that this was a random burglar", said the source. Tell us in the comments!

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