Is Trump gutting Meals on Wheels? His budget director says no.

Is Trump gutting Meals on Wheels? His budget director says no.

The CEO of a Richmond organization that works to feed hungry seniors reacted today to proposed Federal Budget cuts to the Meals-on-Wheels program.

His comments Thursday caused consternation on Capitol Hill and beyond as lawmakers from both parties vowed to protect the program, which serves almost a million meals per day nationwide through a network of more than 5,000 local programs.

These local programs, Meals On Wheels America says, depend on Federal funding for about 35% of their costs, collectively.

During the latest White House press conference, CNN's Jim Acosta asked Trump's Budget Management Director Mick Mulvaney about cutting the program that is undeniably going to affect thousands of homebound, older and disabled Americans.

Lori Schwarz, the director of neighborhood services for the city of Plano, explained that Meals on Wheels is just one of the many organizations that the city allocates Community Development Block Grant money to each year.

While noting elderly people should still receive meals provided by the program, Flores said he would think Meals on Wheels officials would want clients to find work.

The popular program - which mainly uses volunteer drivers to provide hot meals to older Americans across the country - doesn't directly receive federal funding.

Despite the budget proposal, a top Trump supporter in NY said Thursday he'll make the sure program continues to receive federal aid.

Should the health department see its funding decrease, those cuts would likely trickle down to programmes like those funding Meals on Wheels' local affiliates, she added.

Democrats sought Sunday to shame the Trump administration for a budget that takes away resources for programs like Meals on Wheels.

"Meals on Wheels?!" he asked rhetorically.

"Yeah", Preast said. "Because he was told ― I was under the influence that he was going to help us". However, she relies on the meal delivery program to get her through the weekend.

While the budget outline does not expressly call for the elimination of the food delivery service, it does suggest eliminating the $3-billion Community Development Block Grant program, which partially funds Meals on Wheels, and also proposes cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services budget. "And Meals on Wheels sounds great - again, that's a state decision to fund that particular portion to". For the first time Meals on Wheels-San Antonio hit over one million meals served a year ago.

"Emotionally it's a little tough because we are serving people that are very vulnerable", said Elliott. It helps keep them independent in their home. But the Trump administration says the programs that spring from those grants aren't effective.

She says the need across the state is already great, including in Putnam County.

The organization, which provides advocacy services for the national network, received about $50,000 on Thursday after the budget blueprint was announced, compared with $1,000 on a typical day.

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