Illini Hire Brad Underwood as next Men's Basketball Coach

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Here are five candidates to become the Cowboys' next men's basketball coach. Another home loss, this one to Penn State, pushed us over the hump.

Regardless, they're excited for new possibilities under underwood's coaching.

Underwood is a 1986 graduate of Kansas State.

Prior to his one season at Oklahoma State, Underwood was head coach for three seasons at Stephen F. Austin, where he posted a record of 89-14 including NCAA Tournament appearances all three seasons. He isn't a "flashy" name but we don't need flash, we need wins. Now, he was still willing to pay him more, but not as much as IL and when loyalty is more determined by the color green than the color of the school then business wins out.

"There's not many places I would (leave) for", said Underwood.

Underwood's recruiting ability should be in question because he has never coached his own recruits under a power conference team. IL basketball is special. You can trash that video opening where the coach speaks of re-energizing the tradition of Oklahoma State basketball and Iba and Sutton and etc.

Underwood, 53, will be introduced as Illinois' 18th head men's basketball coach at noon on Monday. "Just today alone, I've heard from several Big Ten coaching staffs".

Overall, I really like this hire because he is a proven victor. He failed to build a steady victor.

Brad Underwood of Oklahoma State, who has taken his team to the NCAA Tournament all four seasons as a Division I head coach, is the new head men's basketball coach at the University of IL.

The Cowboys had to pay former coach Travis Ford a $3.9 million lump sum in a settlement agreement after he was sacked. On the periphery was Kansas State. Boosters there are ticked off the Wildcats didn't make room to hire Underwood a year ago.

On the one hand, you can't blame Underwood for not turning down $3 million dollars a year. "I don't know who wants me". And that goes beyond Evans, to possible defections among current players to the high school four recruits signed or committed to come to Stillwater. Seriously, I have no control over 99 percent of it.

Underwood will be the 18th head coach in IL basketball history.

He spent several years under Huggins, then Martin.

"Oh, no one's ever told me anything", Weber said.

Underwood has a solid resume coming into IL.

Another thing Illini fans say they are looking forward to is a strong offense. They were also eighth with a 40.2 three-point shooting percentage.

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