French student in custody after Grasse school shooting

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The last photo on posted on the Facebook page belonging to "Killian" is an illustration of a man holding two guns and wearing a trench coat, reminiscent of outfits associated with the Columbine shooters. The official says in addition to the three wounded in Thursday's shooting, five other people are being treated for shock.

One student reported hearing four gunshots, while others described the panic in the moments after the attack began.

Grasse prosecutor Fabienne Atzori said Thursday the motivation of the suspect stemmed from bad relations with his peers and there was no reason to suspect the shootings were terrorism-related.

Schoolchildren, wrapped in blankets, wait nearby their high school in Grasse, southern France, after a 16-year-old student opened fire.

The teenager, who was also carrying munitions, handguns, a grenade and what seemed to be a homemade explosive device, put up no resistance when he was arrested at the school, she said. He said the headteacher had got involved to try to prevent the shooting when he heard the pupil had pulled out weapons.

The artwork is named "genocide crusade" and comes from the infamous ultraviolent video game Hatred, in which you play a character with the aim of killing civilians and police until ultimately dying in a "death by cop" scenario.

Grasse, a centre for perfume manufacturing, is roughly 44km from Nice, where a terror attack in July of past year killed 86 people.

An elite police operations unit was at the scene at the Alexis de Tocqueville school in the town of Grasse, the Prefecture of Alpes-Maritimes said.

There was conflicting information about whether a second suspect was on the run, with police initially telling AFP they were looking for an accomplice.

At least eight people have been injured in a school shooting in Grasse, southern France.

"We saw people coming down shouting: "There's a nutter firing at people". We started to run.

All schools in Grasse were locked down after the shooting and police threw a cordon around the building in the town which is home to several perfume factories. But the country remains at its highest level of vigilance following a string of jihadist attacks since January 2015 that killed around 230 people.

More than 3,000 reservists were called up to help keep watch outside the country's 64,000 primary and secondary schools for the return to the school year in September.

Gun laws France has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.

The head of the regional government, Christian Estrosi, said that early indications pointed to someone with "psychological problems".

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