Even now, it's still Scott Pruitt vs. the EPA

Rabe can discuss any political, management or federalism issues related to the implementation of Pruitt's EPA agenda, including climate change, vehicle emissions and fuel economy, and water policy.

Lawyers for the Sierra Club wrote to the EPA's Office of Inspector General on Tuesday asking the independent watchdog to check whether Pruitt violated the EPA's 2012 Scientific Integrity Policy when he told a CNBC interviewer on March 9, "I would not agree that it's a primary contributor to the global warming that we see". This time, that carbon dioxide is not the primary contributor to climate change. Generations yet unborn will pay the price for Pruitt's willful ignorance.

Naming Pruitt as EPA administrator concerned some critics of the Trump administration as he's leading an agency he once sued while serving as Oklahoma's attorney general.

It would be a mistake for Mr. Pruitt and the Trump administration to ignore that progress or undo global advances. Pruitt has pledged to work closely with states on environmental programs while rolling back federal oversight. It's settled science that what goes into a small stream eventually makes its way into a large stream, usually by way of municipal drinking water systems.

The Trump administration, in service of its goal of raising military spending by $52 billion, hopes to cut the EPA's $8.2 billion budget by 31 percent.

The EPA, which Pruitt now leads, shares a different view of climate change than the administrator himself.

Far from being an impediment to job growth, the Clean Air Act and other environmental laws have proven to be essential in building a healthy and vibrant economy, and have been catalysts for both new jobs and breakthrough technologies. Grants to small-town and big city water and sewage systems and industrial site cleanups would be reduced.

The EPA was created via Executive Order by Republican President Richard Nixon in December 1970 in response to rising concerns about pollution in an increasingly industrialized United States. And members of Congress should reject these draconian budget cuts in light of what the American people have consistently demanded: a country that promotes healthy communities, clean energy, and a low carbon economy.

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