Apple will open two additional R&D centers in China this year

Apple says to add two more R&D centers in China

Cook also said data privacy was one of the company's values, although he stopped short on Saturday of criticising decryption demands from governments as Apple has previously in the USA, reported the Wall Street Journal. "I think it's important that China continues to open itself and widens the door if you will", said Cook, speaking at the government-sponsored China Development Forum. During his speech, Cook said globalisation "in general is great for the world", but noted socio-economic gains may not be evenly distributed within or between countries. Despite shortcomings - and amid calls from the Trump administration to direct investment inwardly - Cook encouraged other countries to bet on a future of more balanced development by opening themselves to global investment.

According to a report in Telegraph, Cook said that fake news was "killing people's minds" and necessitates a crackdown by the authorities and technology firms that would help providers of quality journalism and help drive out clickbait.

China had for years driven Apple's spectacular growth, even as smartphone demand elsewhere faltered. Trump has asked the same of many United States multinationals in attempts to repatriate overseas jobs, said the report.

In the hourlong speech, Cook touched on a variety of topics, including globalization and user privacy.

Mr. Cook spoke in general about data privacy on Saturday, saying Apple encrypts data end-to-end to prevent "hackers and so forth" from accessing it.

Mr. Cook is also scheduled to introduce China's top internet regulator, Xu Lin, in a closed-door discussion among business executives about security and internet regulation on Monday.

Apple has confirmed plans to open two additional research and development centers in China this year.

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