North Korea tests newly developed high-thrust rocket engine

The four were filmed by a closed-circuit TV camera as they observed the assassination unfold at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 on February 13, when two Southeast Asian women accosted Kim Jong Nam in the departures lounge and smeared a deadly nerve agent on his face, according to Malaysian police.

State news agency KCNA said the North's leader supervised the test of the rocket engine.

Kim Jong-un, the north's supreme leader and Kim Jong-nam's younger half-brother, visited a palace to mark the birthday of their father, the late dictator Kim Jong-il early on Thursday.

Kim Jong Un has said the country is close to a test-launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Malaysian police said four of the North Korean nationals who were at KLIA2 flew out of Malaysia soon after the murder.

About 315 North Koreans are in Malaysia.

NST said the seven men quietly stood by surrounding Mr Kim as he was attacked by the two women.

"We believe that if the North Koreans follow the testing patterns of other countries, the next tests - whenever they happen - will be progressively larger, but still in the tens of kilotons", 38 North noted, adding, "The North Koreans have a tendency to over bury their tests, so it is highly unlikely that there will be a breach of any kind".

Three Malaysian embassy staff and six family members are stranded in Pyongyang after North Korea barred Malaysians from leaving the country last week, prompting a tit-for-tat move by Kuala Lumpur.

Kim Jong-nam died after he was attacked by two women - an Indonesian and a Vietnamese - as he waited to check in.

"From the son, who is out of the country", Zahid said, declining to name the country.

Malaysian officials said yesterday that the family of Kim Jong Nam, who was killed last month, has given its consent to Malaysia to decide what to do with his body.

Japanese and South Korean authorities are also aware of Chang, based on Malaysia police information, the source said.

An Interpol red notice is effectively an worldwide arrest warrant.

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, tweeted that North Korea was "behaving very badly".

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