Microsoft adds game chat transcription to Windows 10

Microsoft adds game chat transcription to Windows 10

Chat transcription also goes the other way, taking typed chat and turning it into speech.

Using the game-chat-transcription" target="_blank">feature, you can covert voice communications in the game chat into text, with this text popping up on screen in real time.

In a win for accessibility, Microsoft revealed today that it will add live game chat transcriptions to Xbox Live games on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Microsoft plans to soon begin rolling out a new chat transcription feature that converts game voice chat to text.

Although it might be primarily useful for any players who want to be involved in chat without ever having to actually listen to any of it, the new feature will be far more useful for the deaf community, or indeed, anyone who is hard of hearing. First and foremost, it's an accessibility feature. In order to activate this feature, go to your settings and select "Ease of Access".

Don't get me wrong: it's a good inclusive move by Microsoft, and they've pledged to roll it out to more games down the road.

On the Microsoft announcement post, there's even a screenshot of the speech-to-text function in action. You even have the option to choose the voice, which reads out messages written in the chat window. This means that support for this feature isn't baked into Xbox settings and will need to be added to each game individually.

This feature also allows players during the multiplayer games to catch any offensive language they use or any kind of claims of wall-hacks during gameplay.

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