After shaky start, Louisville holding off Jacksonville State at half

After shaky start, Louisville holding off Jacksonville State at half

The 2-seed Cardinals (25-8) will face MI (25-11) - a 92-91 victor over Oklahoma State in Friday's first game in Indy - in Sunday's second round.

While it might not be the most accurate description of the current Michigan Wolverines squad, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino certainly had high praise for his second round foe after his victory over Jacksonville State on Friday.

"Show you how inexperienced we are, one of my players said there's a lady in the huddle stealing our plays, Tracy Wolfson", Pitino said at his postgame news conference. "That one sticks out to me the most of any game I've ever coached because we were playing basically seven players. They're a great basketball team". His comments were directed toward senior point guard Derrick Walton.

Christian Cunning had five blocks for the Gamecocks and Drumwright wound up with six assists.

Louisville will go on to face 7 seed MI this Sunday.

If an upset does happen, it will be stunning for a team like Louisville, which has reached the Final Four four times in its last five tournaments.

Pitino and Beilein have faced off quite a few times, and Pitino has usually gotten the better of the match-up. We know what we're in for. "I would not put us in that ballpark in any way". We played no man.

"Our whole thought with that was, 'What if we could get some athletes that can shoot it?"

"They have great shooters at the one, two and three and their small forward is shooting 48 percent and takes a lot of them", he continued. And his son made two from the logo in Albuquerque, from the Wolf. Louisville's intense defense will be the big challenge, but as long as the Wolverines take care of the ball - they had only four turnovers vs. the Cowboys - they can win.

"When that cycle stopped and we hit the bottom of the machine", Foster said, "we started to become a pretty good basketball team". Michigan's John Beilein thrives because of his adaptability and willingness to prepare differently for every team. His teams are fun to watch, well coached and well drilled. He will turn [you] over. Over its past eight games, MI is averaging 10.25 threes per game, is taking 25 threes per game and them at a 41 percent clip.

As insane as it sounds, it could have been Pitino on the MI sidelines the last several years.

Pitino recalled advice he got from a pair of iconic old NY basketball men, Dick McGuire and Fuzzy Levane, when he was a young Knicks assistant in the mid-1980s.

Editor's note: MI hired Tommy Amaker as its head coach in 2001. I've never seen shooting like that since I've been a coach. She just didn't want me to go to the west coast, UNLV, and be away from the children. "Let's go with the Cavs".

Jacksonville State: After going from last in the Ohio Valley Conference preseason picks to conference tourney champs, the Gamecocks' magical run came to an end. He, of course, had been Kentucky's coach before leaving for the National Basketball Association. There's nobody similar (to Michigan) this year, and we had the No. 1 schedule in the nation. "I had a false name".

He gave it right back, as well.

"I just got on my hands and knees and begged him". I'm talking about real, tangible sorcery. Martin did much better with his mulligan ...

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