Kendall Jenner Was Reportedly Robbed for $200k Dollars in Jewelry

Kendall Jenner poses backstage prior to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Jenner later left her home around midnight, and some party-goers stayed behind.

According to the media outlet, police are now calling the theft crime an "inside job". She came back an hour later, which is when she discovered her jewelry box open.

At one point in the night, the young woman heard an alarm saying that a door had been opened, but she did not give it any importance.

Jenner's burglary comes over five months after sister Kim Kardashian West was at held at gunpoint on October 3 by masked men who stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry from her - including a $4 million ring - at the No Address Hotel, where she was staying for Paris Fashion Week.

In fact, law enforcement sources reportedly told TMZ that Jenner reportedly didn't even realize she had been robbed until she went into her bedroom and realized she was missing jewelry. There were no signs of forced entry. Which is the worst part, because in Kim's case at least they had a few people in mind, namely her bodyguard who was acquitted of all charges, but his brother wasn't so lucky!

"Officers did a search of premises and no suspects were found", a police spokesperson told E!

The star has recently spoken out about her terrifying ordeal on Keeping Up With the Kardashians saying she thought she was going to die.

The burglary comes only a month after Alanis Morissette's Brentwood home was burglarized, with $2 million worth of jewelry reportedly stolen.

She said: "What I think happened now, after like thinking about it so much, is that there was probably a group of guys that were following us the entire trip".

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