THE WALKING DEAD 7.10 'New Best Friends' Review

We spend a lot of time at The Kingdom once again this week as Daryl gets to see how the King runs his operation. He claims that Rick can do anything, so Jadis has Rick brought to a place known as "Up Up Up", which is the top of one of the junk heaps.

We know that Carol isn't going to learn the truth from Morgan (Lennie James) any time soon because both he and Daryl know that to tell Carol about the Saviors would be to break her. Someone in that junkyard has some mad art skills, and they've done up this guy (his name's Winslow) with a helmet and blades and he looks like something Immorten Joe would keep as a pet.

Elsewhere in the episode, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) made a new ally in the group that trapped him in episode nine after battling with a walker in spiked armour.

Daryl then finds Carol, and they have a sweet reunion (including multiple emotional hugs)! "She makes sure that he knows who's still on top". Obviously, they want to see if Rick can survive this altercation, which of course he does, with a little coaching from an on-looking Michonne. But hot-headed Rosita doesn't want to wait, and is ready to go out on her own to get guns, and says she doesn't care who she has to kill, she will win.

Back at the junkyard, Fr. Gabriel thanks Rick for having faith in him. And all of this did indeed go down, but what should have been an emotionally satisfying reunion between two typically reliable characters was cheapened by the show wanting to delay Carol rejoining the group. You've gotta make that happen'. Despite Rick's convincing pitch, to leader, Jadis, that when it comes to the Saviours, you either have to kill them or they own you, Jadis was unconvinced.

Jadis initial gave a cursory "no" - before listening to Gabriel who grabbed one of the other leaders and held a knife to her throat.

- "She gets hurt, she dies, she catches a fever, she's taken out by a walker, she gets hit by lightning, anything happens to her, I'll kill ya". "Is everybody OK?", she asks.

First off, Richard's plan to murder a bunch of Saviors on the road and make it look like Carol did it so the Saviors would kill her - hopefully finally getting Ezekiel involved, because we all know Carol is the Archie to his Betty and Veronica - actually wasn't bad as far as maniacal last resort plans go.

Later, we see Daryl back at the Kingdom visiting the tiger Shiva, who is in her cage for the night.

We all knew things would quickly escalate between Ezekiel's gang and the Saviors, and that Daryl would somehow find out about Carol, after they declined to join the war in last week's midseason premiere. But it says something the writers are talking so openly about Carol's death.

This is also the episode where Eugene will likely decide if "he is Negan", a common phrase used to prove loyalty within the Savior militia on The Walking Dead. Was that honestly what she said?

When Morgan insisted it 'can't be me, ' Daryl snapped: 'Whatever it is you're holding onto - it's already gone, man. Wake the hell up, man!'

The Trash Brigade While Daryl was reuniting with Carol and then abandoning the Kingdom to return to the Hilltop, Rick was striking a bargain with the strangers who'd kidnapped Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). So perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that we're seeing Rick fight an armor-clad walker, gladiator-style, in a coliseum that doubles as a junkyard.

It's clear that if Rick hadn't taken a chance on a lone woman stumbling out of the woods, none of this would have been possible.

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