Frances Bean Cobain Pays Tribute To Her Late Father

Monday marked what would have been Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday, and his daughter, Frances Bean, paid tribute to him in a handsome way. "He would be so "smugly" proud of you, saying, 'Hey, that's my daughter.' I love you with all my heart".

In case you don't remember, the singer died on April 6, 1994 when Frances was just a baby, which makes her note even more lovely. "Thank God you were here for me to love and care for".

Mrs Cobain was replying to a text from her granddaughter which said: "I love you so much thank you for being my one and only grams".

Wendy Cobain returns the gratitude, writing, "You were such a caring loving little girl and have turned into such a attractive young woman", and adding that her late son would be "smugly" proud of his only child. "Forever your Daughter, Frances Bean". Today, the young starlet hand-wrote her late father a very special letter in celebration of his 50th birthday. We take a look back at Nirvana's top 10 music videos and live performances in celebration of the enigmatic front man who died at the age of 27.

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