Britney Spears biopic 'Britney Ever After' slammed for blatant inaccuracies

Britney Spears biopic 'Britney Ever After' slammed for blatant inaccuracies

Some of the highlights and lowlights expected to be featured in the movie include her taking the world by storm in the late '90s and early 2000s, her relationship with Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline and her infamous head-shaving meltdown.

"Oh my god - this Britney Spears lifetime movie thing is horrific", tweeted singer Darren Hayes.

Another perfectly summarized what everyone else seemed to be trying to express: "omg this Britney Lifetime movie isn't even hilariously bad - it's just bad".

Of course, the movie's issues can largely be tied back to its soundtrack.

One of the most cringeworthy claims of "Britney Ever After" is that Spears and Timberlake, who were boyfriend-girlfriend at one point, filmed a sex tape. That's forgivable, but the movie doesn't present a convincing workaround. It failed to show how Spears worked hard and was motivated to reach where she did, instead portraying as a vapid girl who says "Y'all" a lot.

'You gotta reign it in, ' he manager Larry Rudolph (Peter Benson) tells her as she starts her partying ways, 'or you're gonna do serious damage to your brand'.

"Britney Ever After", starring Natasha Bassett, was slammed by viewers.

See how people all over the world reacted to Britney Ever After right HERE. Instead, we just get a whole lot of the fall: Brit giving her heart to the wrong dudes, Brit melting down in public, Brit going to rehab. It is thus hardly surprising that fellow celebrities and Britney's fans do not appreciate Lifetime's project. Despite being a little too slight of build to convincingly match the pop star's physicality, the 24-year-old actress absolutely brings Britney to life, nailing her singular mix of sweetness and raunch, naivete and self-awareness, innocence and intelligence. But as Billboard argued, perhaps the biggest problem with the film was that while it clearly meant to be a rise, fall and redemption story, it portrayed Spears as a silly little girl who stumbled into stardom and then had bad things happen to her.

In general, Bassett's early scenes with JT (played with ideal "bomb diggity"-dropping Disney swag by Nathan Keyes) are the movie's most winning. I can't take this historical inaccuracy", one fan wrote on Twitter".

What is Britney Ever After about?

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