Watch Dogs 2 New Update Sneaks In A Hint About Potential Sequel

Almost three months after the game's launch past year, Watch Dogs 2 has received a major content update that tweaks everything from multiplayer settings to the game's combat, and another narrative-based addition has our minds racing about a potential Watch Dogs 3.

The update makes a number of changes, the most notable being a new, longer edit of the game's final cutscene. Crucially, the publisher said it was happy with franchise as a whole - something it was unlikely to say if Watch Dogs 3 was off the cards. Since this story relates to the ending of Watch Dogs 2, there are big (but not massive) spoilers below.

The ending remains the same as game's protagonist Marcus successfully broadcast their message.

According to the update notes posted over on the game's official website, players can look forward to seeing some new world locations once they go exploring with Title Update 1.11 already installed.

The updated ending is not the only fixture of the new update.

Unnamed person 1: "How much of this is hyperbole?" Has it really gone global?

This suggestion must be taken with a grain of salt, however, as Ubisoft also hinted that Watch Dogs 2 would be set in Camden, New Jersey, shortly after the release of the first game. And not just them... we can't even keep up with all the new hacktivist groups. Apart from bug fixes and performance improvements, patch 1.11 added a brief cut-scene at the end of the game and coordinates that directs to London City (when feed into the Google Maps). Many are suggesting that the next installment [Watch Dogs 3] could very well have its core setting in London.

Previous information suggests Watch Dogs 2's DLC will be set in the game's San Francisco location, meaning this could be teasing an unannounced expansion, or perhaps mooting a London setting for Watch Dogs 3.

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