Virender Sehwag hits back at Congress Party worker on Twitter

TheOtherMeninBlue saga Virender Sehwag promises to meet World T20 winning Blind Indian team

However, captain Ajay Reddy who was the second highest scorer in the final did not appreciate the way Twitter king and former Indian batsman Virender Sehwag addressed his team. It is appreciable that he congratulated us but then we are no others. When Sehwag congratulated India, he termed them as them as the 'Other Men in Blue'. "We too are the men in blue".

INDIA comfortably beat Pakistan to become champions in the Blind Cricket World Cup for the consecutive time, Makkal Osai reported. Advertisement featuring blind cricketers and the likes of Virat Kohli (blind-folded) to support their compatriots was a sight worth admiration.

Look up again, at the headline; the pun used might or might not be giving away a bad flavour - depends on how you see it - however, for Pakistan's Blind Cricket team, which is one of world's best sides at the moment, it's their strength - being blind.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the players. "Delighted that India won the Blind T20 World Cup". Several wishes poured from different fraternities - cricket as well as Bollywood.

And since there were plenty of people using it, whether as a result of Sehwag's tweet or because of the fact that he was trending, the captain has been forced to speak up about what he felt about the issue.

In a befitting reply to the website and every single Twitterati who criticized Sehwag Ajay Kumar Reddy, the captain of Indian Blind Cricket Team, came up to expose the truth of Indian Express.

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