United States says Russian jet incidents are unsafe

USS Porter and a Russian jet

In April 2016 two Russian warplanes flew simulated attack passes near a USA guided missile destroyer in the Baltic Sea.

According to US officials, the four Russian aircrafts were flying without their transponders activated when they buzzed the USS Porter.

In three separate incidents on February 10, Russian fighter jets and and a maritime patrol aircraft flew close to the Porter, which the ship deemed unsafe and unprofessional, according to a Reuters report.

The USS Porter queried all of the Russian aircraft but received no response, Hernandez noted, adding, "Such incidents are concerning because they can result in accidents or miscalculation".

First two Russian Su-24 jet fighters followed by a single Su-24 and, in a third incident, an IL-38 transport aircraft, all flew over in the ship on February 10.

No interactions between Russian military planes and a USA guided missile destroyer took place in the Black Sea last Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry's official spokesman, Maj.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has denied any unusual incidents or encounters with a U.S. destroyer after the Pentagon accused Moscow of "unsafe and unprofessional" piloting in the vicinity of the USS Porter "patrolling" the Black Sea. Electronic transponders enable air-defense personnel to identify whether an aircraft is friendly or hostile.

Three of the planes were Su-24 jets, and a fourth was a Russian maritime patrol plane that came unusually close to the USS Porter on the same day, Reuters reported.

The ship departed the Black Sea Friday after wrapping up training. That incident was captured on dramatic video of the low pass near the warship.

The recent incident occurred at a time when the new USA administration hopes to improve U.S.

Instead, the only Russian bomber incursion during the exercise involved two Tu-95 nuclear-capable bombers that flew close to Japan on January 24.

The USS Porter took part in Sea Shield, an annual global military exercise, last week.

The exercise took place from February 1 to February 10, with the at-sea portion lasting two days.

All four Russian planes were flying without their transponders on, the USA officials said. Andria Slough, the Porter's commanding officer. "In any case, we are ready to take on these challenges".

According to a USA official, the Russian intelligence vessel Viktor Leonov was located 70 miles off the coast of DE yesterday in worldwide waters heading in a northerly direction.

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