Seth Meyers Gives Michael Flynn the Shortest Send Off Ever

They are not, however, very good at getting their wives Valentine's Day presents. "I might not have a wife tomorrow", Oliver quipped, trading stories with Meyers about keeping their partners' expectations low around February 14th.

"Thoughtful card. That's tangible affection in written form", Oliver told Meyers last night. "What gift could compete with that?"

The conversation became more pointed when it turned to President Obama, who has been photographed on vacation in the British Virgin Islands. Oliver said that he doesn't really vacation when he takes time off and then brought up former President Obama's recent batch of vacation photos, saying it might be controversial to say this but he thinks Obama should "kick back a little less".

President Donald Trump vowed on the campaign trail to "win so much" that the American people would "get exhausted of winning". "Just tone it down with the kitesurfing pictures".

Even if you're a fan of Obama's, and have a fair measure of respect for how tiring a job the presidency is and how he's chose to unwind, you can probably sympathize with Oliver's thinking on this. "We're losing public school - wheee!" exclaimed Oliver, pretending to be Obama kite-surfing.

As for Oliver, the third season of his hit HBO show aired its first episode last week, and surprise surprise, it had a lot to do with the Trump administration ― the people who're busily setting America on fire, in Oliver's view.

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