Premium variant of the Webmail service leaves Beta phase

Premium offers several advantages: Firstly, up to five users can be given the option of setting up personalized mail addresses with their own domains. Finally you get an ad-free inbox, with Outlook Premium all banner ads as well as other graphic advertising elements are removed. There is still no word on when the service will expand to outside the US. Further, the custom domains will be cancelled as soon as the users cancel their subscription to Outlook Premium. Subscribers can configure this after hitting the sign up button. Afterward, users will pay $10 each year to renew them. If you already own a domain, use it with Premium at no extra charge. has been going through a complete revision to its online experience, and Microsoft has been previewing a premium subscription that adds even more functionality. Users can also share calendars, contacts and documents more easily with people across their domain. The sharing connectivity is all set up between the users who use the email of the particular domain.

A year ago, Microsoft was privately testing Premium.

It is also worth mentioning that while Premium costs $19.95, that is only a temporary offer.

In addition, Premium users gain access to the same new inbox experience that's being rolled out to all users through 2017.

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, there's no word on if and when Microsoft could launch Premium in other markets, but it makes sense for the company to expand availability beyond the U.S., so expect more announcements in the coming months. Not everyone who has an account can subscribe though, as the premium tier is only offered in United States at this stage.

According to the small print on the Premium website, 12 months of the service will cost $20 until the end of March, at which time it will climb to $50, its regular price.

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