Italian restaurant offers discount for well-behaved kids

How minding your manners in a French café can save you money

Ferrari says it is not his intention to judge couples for their parenting - however, he says he does feel responsible for keeping up the atmosphere of the restaurant for his other patrons, according to the Guardian. Ferrari believes that children tend to act better if their parents apply the necessary effort needed to influence their behavior.

Ferrari, who owns a wine bar in the northern city of Padua, will now offer a discount for families with "well-behaved children".

Exhausted of children misbehaving and interrupting other diners, an Italian wine bar has introduced a 5 per cent discount to reward patrons with polite children.

Got well-behaved kids? You'll get a discount at this Italian eatery. "I acted instinctively, it was incredible to see how they interacted with each other in that table, with such composure". Sunday is when the wine bar gets family visits, unlike the weekdays where the wine-themed establishment caters for adults only.

After such a civil display, Ferrari made a decision to offer the family a five percent discount.

The group included five children who, as their parents conversed amiably with a glass of wine, sat with "much composure" playing with markers, drawing pens and colouring books.

The family was reportedly so pleased with the discount that they returned the favor with a generous 30 euro tip for the waiter, reports Corriere Della Sera.

While the practice has since been extended to other customers, Ferrari has yet to decide whether to make it a new tradition. "We don't have a children's menu or any other special provisions, but on Sundays, parents often come and bring their children", he said to The Local.

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