Guntur Collector's report on Rohith condemned

Rohith Vemula was not Dalit family obtained SC certificate through 'fraudulent' means Guntur collector

The District Level Scrutiny Committee in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh submitted his final report stating that neither Rohith nor his mother Radhika were Dalits.They reportedly belongs to Vaddera community which falls under the OBC category.

The government on Monday also served a show cause notice on Radhika (Rohith's mother) as to why she can not be declared as belonging to the Vaddera community, which falls under the OBC category.

Rohith's mother Radhika Vemula has received a notice which contains the report's findings and seeks a response as to why their SC certificate should not be cancelled.

"We have submitted the report, upon doing an inquiry we found that Rohith and his family was not Dalit". As part of the procedure, we have served a notice on Radhika to prove her claim of Dalit within 15 days.

The notice also says Radhika would have to provide proof in the form of valid documents to back up her claim that they are Dalit - within the next two weeks - if they continue to hold that stand.

Earlier, the officials of Guntur and Gurazala have issued SC certificate and Guntur collector Kantilal Dande also declared Rohith as SC before the National SC/ST Commission.

The AP government, had made a decision to send reports to the central government, stating Vemula as an OBC, before the first death anniversary of the PhD scholar, on January 17 but did not do so because of legal issues.

"Governments are desperate to declare Rohit as Other Backward Class (OBC)". "They (governments) are desperate to declare my son as OBC. I know what humiliation I have undergone being Dalit in the society", she alleged. If the research scholar is indeed declared as belonging to OBC then we can not act on the charges pressed against the accused under the Prevention of SC/ST Atrocities Act.

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