Germaine De Randamie Calls For Holly Holm Rematch Due To Controversy

The appeal letter states that "regulations make it clear that when a foul is committed, the referee "shall then assess the foul to the offending contestant and deduct points. if the referee deems it appropriate, and notify the commission, the corners, the official scorekeeper of his decision on whether the foul was accidental or intentional and whether any point imposed".

De Randamie (7-3) relied on effective counterpunching to outstrike Holm by a 144-122 margin.

The headline bout made history as it was the first world title fight for the women's division newly established featherweight class. The two punches thrown at the end of the second round seemed to stagger Holm as she walked to her corner. This happened again when the third round finished.

Cyborg suggests that if de Randamie isn't ready to fight soon that she would gladly welcome Anderson to the UFC with a matchup at UFC 212 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June.

"Referee Anderson only warned de Randamie following de Randamie's foul at the end of Round 3, rather than following the end of Round 2". A deduction would have been crucial since all judges scored the bout 48-47 in favor of de Randamie. Regardless of the title victor, Cyborg has a strong message to de Randamie saying she is still the best women's fighter on the planet.

De Randamie has apologized for her actions during the fight and it was a "heat of the moment" response.

"I have nothing but respect for Holly and the UFC and because of that I want to say right now that I think I owe it to Holly and the fans to do this fight again to make sure that the victor of this historic belt is crystal clear", de Randamie wrote. "She is an interim champion for the belt I own and calling out fighters in the UFC". A second fight might be unlikely with Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino expected to challenge for the championship.

Meanwhile, the defeat was the third consecutive for Holm.

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