Ed Sheeran Ditches His Cell Phone For A Year, Could You?

Ed Sheeran says he hasn't had a phone in over a year and only works off email.

The 25-year-old singer explained that he ditched his phone just before making his comeback after taking a year off.

Kai previously appeared on The Ellen Show and sang "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars after he became a YouTube Viral hit.

"I have an addictive personality", he told the BBC last month, "so, my New Year's resolution was to get off social media". "It's just ... I wake up and have a cup of tea".

He wrote: "Hello all".

He found himself doing the same in every country he goes to.

This isn't the first time Ed has taken a step back from technology.

Despite Ed's efforts to cut down on his use of social media, he hasn't logged off completely.

DeGeneres welcomed Sheeran to the stage and told him that it was incredible how huge his career has gotten since they've known him five years ago.

"So, my New Year's resolution was to get off social media". I've got one of those little drug dealer phones - untraceable burners.

In the video, Kai is oblivious to the fact that Ed Sheeran has walked onto the stage behind him as he belts out the rest of the song.

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