Department of Education spells WEB Du Bois' name wrong in tweet

Vice President Mike Pence swears in Education Secretary Betsy De Vos as DeVos husband Dick DeVos watches. —Pablo Martinez Monsivais  AP

The U.S. Department of Education gave comedians even more material on controversial Education Secretary Betsy DeVos with typo-filled tweets.

DeVos, an advocate for school choice, believes that parents - not the government - should be able to choose where to send their children to school, but public school advocates fear DeVos will steer funds away from public education.

DeVos, a billionaire with no public school education experience, was widely criticized when she failed to answer questions about the disabilities act during her Senate confirmation hearing. Upon arriving at Jefferson Academy, a middle school in D.C., DeVos was greeted by multiple parent groups, including the local teachers union and the Movement 4 Black Lives. The protesters clashed with police as they shouted at DeVos and she was escorted to another entrance of the school.

"We want every child in America to have the opportunity to climb the ladders of success". The vote was split largely along party lines, though two Republicans - Sen.

DeVos said she was "really excited to be here today with parents and educators representing traditional public schools, charter public schools, homeschools, private schools, a range of choices".

"Right now, too many of our children don't have the opportunity to get that education that we all talk about", said Trump.

We in the news business know that better than anyone. It's worked out so well in some communities where it's been properly run.

The idea of multiple templates could complicate state preparation, especially considering the new template will be released just a couple weeks before the first submission deadline, and Education Week reports multiple templates could also make it harder for peer reviewers to hold states to equal expectations.

The department's Twitter account posted a quote Sunday attributed to historian and NAACP co-founder W.E.B.

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