Comedy 'Fist Fight' veers into bad taste (review, photos)

For much of its fast-paced running time, the film, which involves an after-school fight between two polar-opposite teachers, is just amusing enough to make up for its sheer preposterousness; it operates in such a seemingly far-fetched world that logic is out the window at pretty much hello. Wellness offers an unclear concept and has advertised using the controversial notion of "fake news" in a way that seems to be backfiring, while The Great Wall may have ubiquitous trailers, but appears to be leaning on stale "white savior" tropes with Matt Damon coming to the rescue of China. As established at the outset, "Fist Fight" is set in the world of the ridiculous, so it follows that Campbell would go to insane lengths to avoid the fight with Strickland, including buying drugs from a student to plant on his colleague. One of those teachers could be Ron Strickland (Ice Cube), first seen brandishing a baseball bat and terrifying everyone in his path.

The new movie Fist Fight is a classic high school showdown with a twist - two teachers are at the center of the brawl.

The only good thing about this movie is that it happily marks the return of Tracy Morgan, who was almost killed in a vehicle crash a couple of years ago. Hauled in before the principal, both teachers agree to say nothing, until both are faced with the prospect of being fired. "I didn't know if the timing was going to be there. the comedic instinct would still be there, I didn't know".

But since no one will ever accuse this picture, aptly directed by Richie Keen, of high-mindedness, maybe climactic sanity is, sadly, too much to ask of such a whatever-it-takes comedy. I'm sure the writers were tickled by the idea that the seniors have given meth to a horse and made it run wild in the school, or that if you douse Tracy Morgan in yellow paint and have him shout, "I look like a minion!" that's comic gold. Here is what I thought of this new comedy. It won't satisfy everyone, but this wouldn't be a worthwhile R-rated comedy if it didn't take some risks.

The stars are supported by an enthusiastic cast of comedians including 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan, 22 Jump Street's Jillian Bell and Silicon Valley's Kumail Nanjiani, with Breaking Bad's Dean Norris and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks turning up as ringers. Ice Cube isn't as comedically gifted, but he certainly has his moments. And until you find the right balance, everyone else may well think you're a nutjob, and people might get hurt. If you want to learn more about Fist Fight click on this website.

'Fist Fight' offers us Charlie Day in a leading role in all his screeching glory.

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