Austria Says Eurofighter Deal Cost $1.2 Billion in Damages

Austria Says Eurofighter Deal Cost $1.2 Billion in Damages

The Austrian Defense Ministry's five-year investigation into the 1.96 billion-euro contract found that Eurofighter knew it wouldn't be able supply all 18 jets in the configuration it had offered and on time.

Austria's defense ministry plans to sue Airbus over suspected corruption and bribery linked to a controversial $2.1 billion sale of Eurofighter jets nearly 15 years ago. "The publication of criminal charges against a listed company by means of a press not acceptable for Airbus and can only be described as unprofessional", said a spokesman.

It says the 1.1bn euro figure is its calculation for the difference in price between the Eurofighter and a cheaper option.

The case has been investigated by Austrian and German prosecutors for years. It then ordered a review of the purchase four years ago following bribery allegations. He will commission a new report to find a cheaper alternative, he said.

Airbus builds the Eurofighter in collaboration with BAE systems and Leonardo, meaning the lawsuit is filed against corporations from four different European Union member states: Britain, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Austria has announced it is launching a lawsuit worth up to EUR1.1 billion (USD1.17 billion) against Airbus over allegations relating to the sale of Eurofighter aircraft to the country in 2003.

Airbus told Reuters it was unable to comment on the reports as the company had just received the information on the issue through the media. We don't know on which findings this is based on.

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