Are employers right to call time on daytime drinking?

Are employers right to call time on daytime drinking?

Lloyds warned that a breach of the ban would be considered gross misconduct leading to dismissal from work.

The company has instructed its in-house workers not to consume alcohol between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm, in case some sort of fat, drunken finger incident costs the company dearly in the afternoon.

Lloyds of London staff have been banned from daytime drinking after almost half of disciplinary cases were related to alcohol.

According to the Evening Standard, staff said bosses should be "concentrating on more important things" and have turned Lloyds into the "the PC capital of the world".

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A Lloyd's spokesperson told Insurance Age: "We have updated our employee guidance and it provides clarification on the rules around alcohol consumption, which is prohibited during business hours".

"Simply having a policy will not prevent alcohol drinking, so employers need to enforce it".

It has been included in the employee handbook, and forms part of a broader HR policy review conducted during 2016. "The policy we've introduced aligns us with many firms in the market", the memo read.

The rule applies to all of Lloyd's 800 London staff, excluding underwriters and brokers who are not employed by the company.

People celebrate the opening of the 182.

The boozy lunch had always been a staple of City life when deals were done and contacts made.

"Will we be asked to go to bed earlier soon?" one of them asked, while another employee wondered if staff faced random breathalyzer tests.

Many of Lloyd's of London's 800 employees, however, said they were not consulted on the matter and that they were now able to drink "responsibly" during work hours.

"To avoid temptation, One Under Lime should be asked to cease serving alcohol at lunchtime, it would be hypocritical not to", one worker said.

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