Refugee drowns in Venice canal as onlookers film on phone, laugh

Another one allegedly screamed, 'Go on, go back home'.

Three were thrown, but Mr Sabally did not reach out for them - leading Italian media to suggest he was committing suicide.

Even more sickening are these comments made on Twitter after the website tweeted the news.

No-one jumped in to save him.

Pateh Sabally, 22, a Gambian, drowned in the city's canal as people looked on and filmed with their phones.

Onlookers in the video were laughing and one man was also heard saying 'Let him die at this point'. And he came to die in the most lovely city in the world'.

The dead body of the migrant was pulled out of the water wrapped in blue bag and tied to a ladder.

"I don't want to blame anyone but maybe something more could have been done to save him", Dino Basso, local head of the Italian association of lifeguards, told the Evening Standard.

Witness Abdus Sattar from Bangladesh confirmed that the drowning had seemed to be a suicide. At first I thought he slipped but when I saw they threw lifebuoys and saw that he refused, I realised that he had chose to call it quits'.

Another witness added, "This is despair".

Pateh Sabally is said to have sailed from Africa in 2015 and landed in Pozallo, an Italian sea after his boat was interecepted. They have said he is African.

According to the AP more than 181,000 immigrants and refugees arrived in Italy by boat in 2016, most from sub-Saharan Africa.

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